We have spent time compiling a long list of additional external resources and web links in order to help signpost you towards driving your own social or environmental change. We truly hope you’ll find the following useful. Please contact us with any additional ideas for resources we should be signposting…

International organisations supporting social entrepreneurs

UK specific organisations supporting social entrepreneurs

Other useful resources to inspire and facilitate change

Recommended further reading:

  • Everyday Legends: the stories of 20 great UK Social Entrepreneurs by Baderman & Law (WW Publishing, 2006)
  • There’s No Business Like Social Business by Black & Nicholls (Cat’s Pyjamas, 2004)
  • Half the Sky by Kristof & Wudunn (Virago, 2010)
  • How to Change the World by Bornstein (OUP, 2004)
  • Your Chance to Change the World: the No-Fibbing Guide to Social Entrepreneurship by Dearden-Phillips (DSC, 2008)
  • The Power of Unreasonable People by Elkington & Hartigan (HBS,2008)
  • The Rise of the Social Entrepreneur by Leadbeater (Demos, 1997)
  • The Social Entrepreneur by Mawson (Atlantic Books, 2008)
  • Social Entrepreneurship: what everyone needs to know by Bornstein & Davies (OUP, 2010)
  • Social Entrepreneurship: new models of sustainable change by Nicholls et al (OUP, 2008)
  • Leadership in the Social Economy by Young & Edwards-Stuart (SSE, 2007)
  • One Wild Life: A Journey to Discover People who Change the World by Mulvany (The Collins Press, 2009)